Custodial Parents Blame Game.

Custodial Parents


4 thoughts on “Custodial Parents Blame Game.

  1. Agree with this so much. It’s not only a sign of bad parenting, but also a sign of them being not a great person. Instead of blaming other factors, they perhaps need to understand that they should take responsibility for their own misfortunes.

  2. The blame game has only losers, never winners. And tragically, children of these families never learn what healthy parenting entails, an unfortunate and sad lesson they will pass along to their children. Gloria Lintermans, Author, The Secrets To Stepfamily Success.

    • I find myself most frustrated by all the people around these families who see what is going on, see the damage, know their friend/family member is doing the wrong thing and they say nothing, do nothing. Who, as an adult, does not realize that it takes two people to screw up a marriage and that the children need the love and support of both their parents? So many people talk about the kids growing up and learning the truth but I am seeing too many of them that grow up with the same kind of insecurities and hate their caregiver taught them.

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