Parental Alienation System is Child Abuse!


Parental Alienations Syndrome is Child Abuse and anyone who supports a woman or a man who keeps their children from seeing their other parent, and spews lies and garbage about them to make the child hate them, belongs in jail. It damages the child for life.


2 thoughts on “Parental Alienation System is Child Abuse!

  1. As a child psychotherapist for over 25 years, I have seen many instances of child alienation syndrome. I am in total agreement that it constitutes emotional abuse of the child. They constantly question their reality and are often robbed of important supportive relationships. Legally, we are beginning to make some strides toward focusing on what is in the best interest of the child. I have had the pleasure of working with a few judges and lawyers that understand the negative effects on the child of parent alienation syndrome. They have entered court orders ranging from keeping one parent from saying anything negative about the other to, in extreme cases no contact orders. Unfortunately, these are the exceptions not the rule. Most courts continue to error on the side of parental rights with the child paying the long term emotional effects. As a therapist the only intervention in these cases is to support the child through this abuse. It has been my experience that given enough time, sometimes years, the child will develop a better understanding of the dynamics of the situation and may return to those they were attempted to be alienated from. There is hope, usually with professional intervention.

    • Thank you so much for your valuable input into this conversation. Two points. When the child grows up with this kind of abuse, I have seen that they eventually adopt the actions of the abusive parent and becomes abusive themselves towards the estranged parent – even initiating abuse when there is little or no contact or reason for them to do so. Do these kids wake up to what has gone on and do they alter their behaviour? At some point the way they behave is who they are. Truth and facts mean nothing to them, they still believe the offending parent. Any observations or comments? And secondly, is it even possible to have the entire family court system start to create some type of feedback from their actions to help educate them and guide their policies and practices? Hospitals often pull doctors together to discuss surgeries etc and they use the cases to gain understanding. What if kids eventually reported in some way what the outcome was for them with the choices made and what worked and didn’t? Is that even possible?

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