Don’t Ask Me How We Got Here.


People look at the state of the world and ask how we got to be this way, as if they have no idea where the attitudes and thought processes come from that support a world going to hell, sans the hand basket at this point.

The world reflects the attitudes and practices of US! WE are the world. There is no separation of what we practice in our daily lives and what is going on around us.

This past week is a perfect example. A tragedy hit in our neighbourhood and a very small dog , the pet of two small girls, was killed by something. The father found the bloodied remains in his yard upon returning home late one afternoon. He shared the news with the local paper where it made front page. I presume he did so for a number of responsible, community minded reasons. There have been a series of attacks by animals over the past while, some identified as dog attacks, the others unknown. The owner of the dog assumes it was a dog attack but does not say why he assumed that, and no experts were called to establish that fact, and there are no other supporting facts offered in the story.

So immediately our one neighbour threatens a dog owner on the street and accuses her dogs as being the ones who attacked the small dog. She has Shar Pei show dogs that are champions and a house full of mainly primary school aged boys who have grown up with the dogs. Her dogs do bark, and have managed to get out of their double fenced yard some times. She reported to us that she saw the story and checked her dogs immediately and there was no sign of any blood on the dogs. I do believe she would put her dog(s) down if she thought they had turned violent, especially because she has children in the home. I have no idea if her dogs did it or not, and neither does anyone else.

No-one called the authorities to suggest blame. No investigation was done at the time, which I am pretty sure a third party could examine the dogs in question and determine whether they had been involved – but that chance has come and gone. Instead we are left with suspicion and unfounded accusations that is just going to create a really tense atmosphere here in the street.

Added to that, the first comment on the article suggests the “new populations that has been forced on our town” are to blame. So now a tragic pet dying, in addition to providing a witch hunt, will fuel further animosity between the people who have lived here their whole life and those that have moved in over the past 30 years. The old timers want nothing to do with the new people who they see as the cause of all their problems. This makes sense right?

Again, we have no idea what happened, or what/who was responsible, and if it is dogs, who they belong to, if anyone.

THAT is how the world gets like it is. Think about it.


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