Screaming About Life After It Is Too Late To Fix Things Is Called A Tantrum.

do something

Today I read about a situation that resulted in a large outcry from “the people” in angry protest.  Although a seemingly daily story with just differing situations, this one was of particular interest.

It caught my eye because the law behind the events was one that I was intimately familiar with.  Over 30 years ago when it was about to be enacted I spoke up about the possible outcomes of such a law.  The reactions of many “good” people was that I was being ridiculous, making much about nothing, did not know what I was talking about, etc.  People were not interested.  It did not impact them that day and they had other things to do.  They were in agreement on that one point and the law passed because no-one felt they needed to worry about it.

Now “good” people are screaming that something needs to be done.  They are living the apathy of 30 years ago in this one particular situation.  Unfortunately the law is a broad sweep and will impact many more situations.

THIS is part of the problem we have.  Most people live reactionary lives.  They wait for something to happen before they become “aware.”  While it is sometimes advisable to hold off on action until we are sure what is happening, it is never advisable to hold off on awareness.  The issues that face the world today cannot ever be solved with our reactionary responses which  are nothing more useful than applying a bandaid to a victim with a bleeding gunshot wound.

We need to be aware enough to see the problem coming, to see the source and to then act.  If we are caught in an “after the fact” situation we need to look for the source which requires much more work and more changes than just throwing money at it.  Human beings are impacted by their lives that are less about love and connectedness and more about the inner war each person fights to achieve the temporary, plastic, greatness that the world worships.  We need each other.  We need to be concerned for each other.  We need to notice what is happening all around us and we need to at least pay attention to what other people think and see.

Perhaps it is nothing.  Perhaps it is.

The people all those years ago did not even look at it.  They did not even hear what I was saying.  We are not listening to one another.  They switched off and went on with their shopping.  People are shopping today.  At least look.  At least check it out, and realize that everything we do has a consequence, good or bad, and we are accountable for both.


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