The Lie


Did it all happen so fast?

I don’t believe this.

It probably seemed fast to those who did not see it coming.  It probably looked like it happened overnight.  There is so much going on in the world right now that speaks to what will happen and yet people refuse to see.  They don’t want to interrupt their TV show, or put down their credit card, or stop talking about their next cruise.

When you are comfortable, other people’s pain and discomfort is an inconvenience and we are seduced by our conveniences.  We define our lives by them.

Children dying on the other side of the world don’t matter anywhere near as much as our children.  Their poverty makes them less human, of lesser value.  Homeless people’s need to relieve themselves is disgusting.  They aren’t humiliated to have to sit in their own filth on a cold street and beg.

We believe we are safe.   We have friends and family, look at our social pages and how many likes we have?  Facebook tells us our popularity is climbing.  We don’t see that our own apathy is the very weapon that will lull us into not knowing.

 I don’t believe that all the Germans hated the Jewish people.  I do believe that more of them were afraid to speak out or stand up to defend them because people who can dehumanize any other human being to the point of not caring or seeing they are in pain, are never going to find their compassion when doing so might jeopardize their own lives.  People look away from anyone who is not themselves.  Even when they were friends and family just moments before.

Seeing is a daily practice.  You have to see, in order to feel.  You have to feel in order to care.  You have to care in order to be able to do something meaningful.

I thought I looked and saw many things until I went out in the woods one day with my husband and his training as soldier and someone who can live in the bush taught me to see more.  I have learned that the more I develop all my senses, the more I see.  The more I learn, the more I see.  The more I am open to life, the more I see.  The more I develop spiritually, the more I see.

We have to see the ghettos, the deportations and the sealed cattle cars.  We have to see the people who are our leaders and controlling the world.  We have to see what is happening all around us and just because we are blindly unaware that there is any plan does not mean that one does not exist.

Going to church is pointless if all we do is worship.  Becoming enlightened is pointless if all we do is take drugs to allow us to see other worlds or spend all our time meditating.  Being filled with love is pointless if all we do is sit and enjoy it for ourselves or preach that love heals all and there is no evil.

It happened in a blink of an eye in terms of time.  It took mere “nano seconds” on the clock of mankind’s history for the Holocaust to occur but the damage and the scar is permanent.  It cannot happen again only if we woke up, only if we are awake.

Evil does not need to wait for the night to slip into the dark.  It can sit beside you and feed off your elite sense of satisfaction with your own blessed life, IF you will not see.


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