What the FUCK are we Doing?


I make no apologies for the F-bomb in this title. If there was ever an appropriate time to use it, it is now.

Our world is falling apart with wars and corruption, poverty and disease on a scale we have never seen before. We are fighting for our lives in so many arenas and it doesn’t matter one iota whether we are bleeding from the war or totally unaware as we flip through TV channels bemoaning that there is so little to watch.

The whole world is screaming out for us to wake up. Stop the insanity. Heal the world.

And what are we doing?

We are pushing each other away. We are lying and cheating . We engage in destroying one another on every level we can. Children are killing themselves with drugs, bored that the reality of life cannot compete with the action packed pace of a video game. They push and pull at their parents demanding money, holding their love and attention as ransom. “Do what we want or you will never see me (or your grandchildren) again. ”

“I hate you,” rings through the land. “I want nothing to do with you.”

Husbands and wives feed on one another. One moment they are everything to each other and the next – war!  If financial investment somehow measured the strength of their unions, they would all be unbreakable. They marry with a ceremony whose cost could feed a whole community for a few weeks. They immediately collect the fancy house, a couple of cars and tons of clothes and jewellery. They vacation. They spend, spend, spend. And then suddenly, they no longer love. They don’t love less. They hate. They hate everything about the other person. The person they pretended to be while married, all the things they said about what they would never do to each other, they do . . . and far worse. They don’t care that they are being complete hypocrites. They do it to themselves and they do it to each other. Worst of all, they do it to their children.

People join forces to do unimaginable things to one another. They plot. They laugh about it.

And the crowds stand by applauding or at least supporting with their silence.

We love being mean. We are mean. We are liars and cheaters and most of all we like to torture one another and tear out pieces of human flesh to scatter behind us as warnings against anyone who would dare to love us and not comply and do exactly what WE expect them to do.

All hail the mighty us.

Despite our exposure to all kinds of New Age thinking, and love for the planet and animals, and “10 ways” or “7 rules” for being the perfect partner, we are stone. Despite all the fluffy kitties and cute baby animals we have “liked” on social media, despite all the videos on You Tube we have watched that have moved us to tears about the suffering of someone, the kindness of a stranger, or the love between two people . . . we are cold.

We are stone cold shells of human beings. We are beyond disgusting.

Stop it.

For the love of God, stop it.

How much pain are you going to be personally responsible for in this life? I don’t care what you think anyone has done to you, if you are now engaged in destroying other human beings with your words or your actions, YOU are choosing to be an asshole and YOU are the problem.

We are ALL the problem.

What if the world were to end right now, catching us in the middle of telling our children their father hates them, or telling someone they should just got kill themselves, or bullying the kid standing over by the pop machine, or lying to the police and getting someone falsely arrested, or stealing someone else’s money? How relevant do you think your excuses are going to be? How much do you think it will matter what you think the other person might have done to deserve it?

We are what we do and say. Everything we do and say dyes us the colour that they are. They tell the world who we are. They imprint. They teach our children and set examples for others. They feed the masses and spur them on to do even more horrific things. That is what a mob does. Individually we all have little lines we might cross, collectively, it is not that someone has a bigger line, it is the unspoken permission that crossing lines gives all of us to go further. We don’t police ourselves, so we don’t police others and soon there are no lines that will not be crossed.

We will never convince people we are the fluffy kitties we like or the posters we put up on Facebook. Pulling our your police record to show you were never caught, or your attendance files for church to show you were there every Sunday, will not convince people you are better than what you are doing right now. People look to what we say and DO. People look to all the things we do, or do not do, when people aren’t looking. People look at the way we treat one another.

Love can stand firm behind rules and insist on respect and safety. It doesn’t mean that the abused allow abuse to continue, or that you have to be friends with people that are a problem in your life. Love does one very important thing different from hate. Love targets the act. Hate targets the individual. A person cannot be the love of your life, perfect, in one moment, and the next moment, they are Satan and everything they have ever done is shit. Just because things did not work out for you, or you are not happy with them, does not make every bad thing everyone else has ever said about them, suddenly true. No-one is all white or all black. We are imperfect human beings and even people who have murdered someone, have done things in their lives that were kind and good.

We don’t even fight our own battles anymore, we want a mob, we want to annihilate one another.

The evil of the world is not them and us organized. They are all not bad guys and we are not all good guys. There is evil in the world. It is in the way we treat one another. It exists everywhere and we may not be slicing off heads in a desert somewhere, but we are killing one another just as surely. We are killing the human spirit and what we do for ourselves will cost our children more than we can ever imagine.

Think about it. We used to teach our children that they needed to be kind and loving and look after one another. Today we school them in hating. We coach them what to say, we teach them to lie, we help them avoid responsibility. WE do that.

It is not the people on the other side of the world fighting war. It is not some religion. It is not the neighbours. YOU are teaching your child that the response to social difficulties is to totally hate, to abuse, to seek revenge, to hate, hate, hate.

Perhaps we deserve to have the world ripped from us by madmen, or comets, or unfreezing. Perhaps there really is not much worth saving. We will ultimately decide that either because we continue doing what we are doing, or we will wake up.

Just. Stop. Hurting. One. Another.

Do not require the heart and guts of another human being for the sake of your sense of being “right” or your need for “revenge.”

Let go.

Be an instrument of healing.


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