Happier, Healthier and More Fun

Lashes 1

I saw this “article” about people with long eyelashes being healthier, happier and having more fun.

PS –  they are selling “eyelash syrum” to make your eyelashes longer.

Is anyone really that gullible?

Yes, they scientifically tested people and found the only thing that made people healthier, happier, and “funner” – was the length of their eyelashes. I guess in a world hell-bent on “making” oneself more beautiful by padding their breasts and butts …. people ARE going to buy it.

It is actually an awesome idea. Think about it.

You go in for depression and the doctor prescribes you a set of false eyelashes because, according to this premise, you can even take an unhealthy, unhappy, “unfun” person and just by making their eyelashes longer -voila! – magic happens. They instantly become the life of the party.  In fact, they ARE the party.  I can see the psychiatric hospitals with all the patients wandering the halls with their false eyelashes on. Continue reading

Controversy over Rape Advice?



Real Housewife defends marital rape advice in controversial new book?

I am not sure what is more disturbing to me … what she and her husband say or that people will buy this book as if it were actually some kind of marriage manual that they should emulate.

I don’t understand it to be honest.  People who are on a TV show, the purpose of which is to provide entertainment first and foremost, who get paid money for their ratings which means they understand drama and controversy sells, end up being role models.   We care so much about them and their influence on us that we are willing to get upset when they write a book about their marriage.  We are outraged that they might say something that would be detrimental to other people’s ideas of marriage. Continue reading

This Is Why Mainstream News Sucks.


This is taken from news.com.au and their “news” pics on 9-11.

What was written underneath was:  “Here’s one for the conspiracy nutters who claim the building was bombed and that there were never any planes. Clue: bombs don’t make plane-shaped holes.”

If you are going to put something in as “news” let’s get the facts straight.  I have never heard a “conspiracy nutter” claim that planes did not hit the building.  Everyone clearly saw at least one plane fly directly INTO the building.  DUH and DOUBLE DUH. Continue reading

Miley Cyrus Played Her Cards Like A Pro.

One of the things you learn as a parent, is that a child will do lots of things for attention.  They are equally as willing to invest themselves in outrageous behaviour as they are in good.  It boggles the mind, but when the goal is to focus people on themselves, kids are willing to try just about anything.  We basically accept it as part of the maturation process and even highlight specific years with the expectation of the behaviour.  Teenagers are particularly known for being incredibly narcissistic in their reasonings and approach to the world. Continue reading