If I Were The Innkeeper


I saw this poster a couple of weeks ago. It is one of many that we see, often around the holidays. Many people read it and feel a sense of outrage at the inn keeper. Most of those same people identify themselves as someone who would have found room at their inn for a man and his heavily pregnant wife, had they been in his shoes those many years ago.

It is the same with the death of Christ and the persecution he and his followers suffered. People insist they would have followed him, they would have stood up and been counted. It is easy to talk about what we would have done, after the fact and all the outcomes are known. It is never quite as easy to make that same decision when the actual opportunity occupies the same moment as we do. Continue reading

An Invitation to Find Your Compassion

system failing

Many years ago when my children were little they were greatly distressed to see someone who lived on the street.  They would pester me that we had to “do something” and they were more than willing to give up their own comfort and pleasure to help someone out.  It happened when we went to Disneyland and the streets were filled with families begging for money for food.  My oldest son no longer wanted to go to Disneyland because he felt it was ridiculous that we were spending our money on fun when other people did not have food.  It was hard to have to try and explain to their innocent hearts and minds how people could end up living on the streets without food or shelter. Continue reading