Bullying – Be Careful What Message Our Response Sends

no bully

Noah’s story is ongoing with some sad set backs but also some valiant steps forward.  What impresses me most is his incredible spirit and his desire to do everything he has the power to dream of.  He cries with the pain, and yet picks himself up and goes forward.  Can we hope for anything more?  Can we ask for anything more?

But, his brother, Elijah, who remains in the same school responsible for the original bullying with Noah, has had his own incident.  In this situation, a group of boys sharing a racial ethnicity, have become the bullies of the soccer field.  They refuse to be broken up to play on separate teams and together they wreak havoc with each game.  In this instance they bullied Elijah and threatened to kill his friend.  Now we have bullying that has racial overtones and a much more serious threat.  This happened in a school that advocates “zero tolerance” for bullying.

I have no idea why the police were not called in. Continue reading


Go Home


So many kids denigrate their homes because they don’t like the messages they get there . . . those being the messages on how to be a decent human being.  Any message that interferes with them doing what they want, when they want, is deemed to be one  intended to crush their individuality.  It is all about what the world owes them, their rights . . .

But many of these same kids want the rights without the responsibilities.  They are happy to take their parents money, they may insist on it, but they are not happy to then listen to what that same parent has to say about them getting a job, or about finishing school, or eating a more healthy diet. Continue reading